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Filament Winding

For rotational-symmetrical components such as pipes, shafts, beams and containers.

The filament winding technique, is particularly suitable for the production of rotationally symmetrical components such as pipes, shafts, beams and containers.

The endless carbon or glass fibers are mechanically impregnated with a resin and layed by CNC machines on a rotating mandrel. A winding machining center consists of a rotating device for the mandrel, a thread guide and a yarn feeder together with a resin bath, which moves along the rotational axis back and forth.

Strengths of winding technology:

  • perfectly definable fiber positioning
  • very good mechanical properties
  • ideal fiber content
  • low void content

The technology is characterized by its high accuracy and good reproducibility. The processes are largely automated and production is economically doable even with smaller series.

CONNOVA has all the necessary know-how and modern machining for your filament winding Needs:

  • Multi-spindle CNC winding Centers, each with four programmable axes
  • Maximum winding length of up to seven meters
  • Maximum weight per part 1,000 kg
  • Programming and simulation of the winding with CADWIND
  • Computerized and automated curing ovens with winding devices if needed


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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