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CONNOVA named „Technology Partner – Porsche 918 Spyder“

The faster and more efficient a car is, the higher the material and technological requirements become. This is particularly true for Porsche, one of the world’s leading automotive developers. To meet Porsche’s high standards, processes and materials must be suited for serial production, durable, and light. CONNOVA has developed a high temperature motor and engine heat shielding system for the superlative new 918 Spyder – completely from carbon fiber and fiberglass composites.

Under the hood of a high end sports car the temperature can reach as high as 250°C. This extreme heat needs to be deflected and discharged. The materials used need to be as light as possible, but at the same time durable enough to withstand any conceivable load. Overall, the car must be more innovative and more efficient than any competitor in its class. CONNOVA AG has consequently developed a solution to meet and exceed all of these challenges. Our company is a technology and development partner for the new Porsche 918 Spyder. We have for the first time, in cooperation with the famed German automaker, created an engine CFK heat shielding system. To meet the stringent requirements of this application, the entire assembly has a temperature tolerance of up to 750°C and extreme mechanical durability, especially against vibration. Further, thanks to the use of carbon fiber, the entire assembly is a fraction of the weight of previously developed heat shields, which were made of light metals. The complete assembly weighs in at 6,337 grams, a weight savings of around 40%. Our innovations used in the newest high-end car series by Porsche include a special composite hybrid structure as well as a specially developed reflective coating.

The development process lasted around 10 months and was only possible thanks to close cooperation with the Porsche team as well as our expertise in aerospace and Formula One. CONNOVA is honored to be named “Development Partner 918 Spyder” by Porsche.

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