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Improving Machining Performance?

Typically, mechanical engineering is based on traditional, well-proved concepts and materials such as aluminum and steel.  However, given the high level of already existing technological solutions, improvements are often difficult to achieve. Therefore engineers are trying nowadays to achieve competitive improvements based on classical concepts while improving their sub-systems using new materials such like CFK or other composite materials. This approach often proofs to be difficult.

New ways with composite material innovations can often be the key to success to leapfrog your competition. Only better solutions drive value of your final products. Connova has successfully implemented many precision and machining industry projects increasing thereby machining efficiency of 30% and more. Often a massive reduction of the accelerated mass of some of the key components is a key element to the solution.

Very high specific stiffness, much improved thermal stability, elastic recovery, increased natural harmonics and dramatically improved vibration damping are some of the other key elements which drive precision, efficiency and often reduce technical complexity of the overall construction. This helps to lower total costs given lower energy consumption, required maintenance and often lower breakdown risks.

In order to successfully implement composite innovations, product management needs to take a holistic view on the total system. An pure assessment on the individual sub-systems will hinder the true benefits of innovative composite solutions. Connova's engineers can help project engineers and other involved decision makers to evaluate your project and balance benefits and risks such that the overall product drives positive value for you and your end-customers.

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