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Aerospace + Aviation

For over 15 years, our expert team has been on the front lines of aerospace and has a broad array of industry experience. We can offer specific solutions proven by customers throughout the industry. From satellites to rockets, from military jets, helicopters, drones, and business jet interiors all the way to ultra-lightweight experimental aircraft.

Excellence in aerospace

Structural parts, molds, tooling, and prototypes
Connova features many years of experience working closely with leading aerospace companies. Our employees are extremely familiar with the specifications and requirements of this industry. Accordingly, all our production processes are 100% traceable and documented according to each customer’s specifications. Currently, Connova is in the process of finalizing ISO 9100 certification. 

ESA - European Space Agency

Satellite Primary Structure Aeolus-Aladdin
Manufacture of the complete primary structure from carbon fiber and titanium (structural/thermal model and proto-flight model). Connova supports the ESA with material selection, finishing concepts, and a specially qualified adhesive process using high-precision bonding fixtures.

Pilatus Aircraft

Tools, prefabricated components and finishing of fiber composite components
Production of high temperature resistant lamination tools, forming tools. Design and manufacture of fully automated vacuum clamping devices. Production of interior components made of GFRP and CFRP, in an autoclave and hot-press processes. High-precision CNC machining of GFRP and CFRP components.

Marenco Swisshelicopters (now Kopter)

Structural Parts
Since the first prototype, Connova has built the most challenging carbon fiber structural parts for this Swiss helicopter company. The highly complex parts (motor mounts, tail booms, body structures, and more) must meet the highest specifications and reduce weight, while at the same time providing safety and a flawless level of quality.


Wing and tail structure parts, including assembly
Production of ultra-light structural components for both aircraft iterations in compliance with the highest quality and timeframe requirements. Support of the project from the concept phase to the final assembly of aircraft parts on-site.

University of Berne / ESA

CHEOPS/CaSSIS Satellite Structure
Consulted engineers of the University of Bern and Almatech, Lausanne. Design new tools and devices. Manufacture of extremely exact and high stiffness carbon fiber parts such as sandwich panels and telescopic tubes (i.e. Optical Benches and Telescope Tubes). Production was carefully and exactingly planned and implemented every step of the way, including quality and in-process samples. Assembled under Class 5 clean room conditions.


Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Extremely stiff, thick walled, and absolutely straight structural parts. Exact and distortion free manufacture, preventing “springback”. Precision CNC milling. Process validation and process control.

MT Aerospace

Reel-FEMI for Rocket Fuel Tank
Customer support for composites specific design solutions. Economic design of large, thick walled composite parts (dimensions up to 3.5m, wall thickness of up to 45 mm). Combination of several production processes (resin injection molding, prepreg, and others). High surface precision requirements. Complete CNC finishing on large 5-axis mill.

Aerospace + Aviation

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