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Typical engineering is based mainly on traditional, proven concepts and materials such as aluminum and steel. To gain a competitive edge, an increasing amount of players are looking to composite materials. Designers continuously choose lightweight and corrosion resistant composites for machinery, robotics, general industry, and high precision industrial applications. The decisive factor in this choice is often the drastic reduction of accelerated mass. High stiffness, improved thermal stability and resilience, and frequency damping properties are all key factors which improve the precision and efficiency of a part, often reducing the complexity of a complete machine. Connova has many examples of solutions in the industrial sector.

Excellence für die Industrie

Feasibility Studies, Product Development, and Serial Parts
To successfully implement composite concepts in new ways requires product managers to have a holistic view of the entire system. Connova’s engineers work together with product engineers and other stakeholders to find and evaluate advantages and risks, helping the complete product to move successfully to serial production.


High Voltage Distribution Parts
Aramid fiber reinforced parts for a high voltage application. High precision serial parts with strict dimensional and surface finish tolerances.


Control Housing Measurement Technology
Thermally stable, highly precise housing for a surveying device. Built with prepreg technology, assembled, and treated. Uncompromising finish.

ESEC / Besi Group

Rocker - a pick-and-place machine/robot arm
Connova assisted a firm to design and manufacture a carbon fiber part to replace an aluminum concept with highly stringent static and dynamic requirements. This markedly improved the machine’s efficiency. Feasibility study, design consulting, and tool design led to the successful construction of a carbon fiber Rocker, assembled with an adhesive tolerance of under 0.015mm.


Carbon Fiber End Effector
Development, calculation, laminate design, and production of a high-stiffness end effector for automated glass production. Direct integration of electronics and vacuum systems in the part.


Carbon Boom for Robotic Pallet System
Boom constructed from high modulus carbon fiber prepreg. Manufactured in a two part negative mold. 1450mm Long.

Robotic Arms

Pick-and-place Beam
Beam for a pick-and-place robot from carbon fiber and a hard foam core for the packaging industry. Fabricated using Resin Transfer Molding (RTM).

Bosch Packaging Systems AG

Bosch Packaging Systems AG Robot arms for the automation industry Robotic arms with bonding technology out of carbon tubes and coated aluminum milled parts.



Measurement Technology

Technical Measurement Instrument Holder
Thermally stable instrument holder. Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Extremely high stiffness. Highly precise interfaces with measurement optics. High precision adhesion process with compensation for low CTE.


Load Frame for Tensile/Compression Test Stand
Carbon fiber load frame with minimal thermal expansion, lightweight and stiff. Maximum applied force: 2500 N.



Plant Engineering / R&D

Measurement Tube
Conic, gas impermeable, and X-ray transparent tube. Low “leakage ratio.” Homogeneous fiber structure. Gas impermeable adhesion at part interfaces. Manufactured with Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion (VARI) process. High precision adhesion process.

Aerospace + Aviation

Industry + Automation


Medical Technology