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Medical Technology

Strength, weight savings, corrosion resistance, but above all X-ray transparency, are features that allow composites to be used in diverse applications throughout modern medicine. Aside from their technical advantages, composites also improve and simplify the work of medical professionals on a daily basis.

Excellence in medical technology

Feasibility studies, development, and serial parts
To implement composite concepts in new ways requires product managers to have a holistic view of the full system. Connova’s engineers work hand in hand with product engineers and other shareholders to assess their projects, weighing advantages and risks to successfully transform the product to a serially producible part.

Schärer Medical

X-Ray transparent examination tables
Implementation of a feasibility study based on customer specifications. Analytic calculations of stiffness and strength. Verification of the analysis on a prototype. Production of diverse carbon fiber parts for the examination tables in serial tools, including structural adhesive application. Thanks to the use of CFK, it is possible not to change the patient's positioning in spinal surgery during the surgical process, including X-rays.

Paul Scherrer Institute

Examination table
High precision and accuracy thanks to the material’s inherent stiffness and precise CNC finishing. Excellent x-ray transparency for proton therapy. Due to the high quality processing and knowledge of carbon fiber sandwich structures, the parts contained no interfering impurities, leading to a greatly improved process.


Supports for rescue helicopterLightweight and x-ray transparent shell parts. High stiffness and strength. Simple to clean. Shell parts from carbon fiber and aramid fibers. Exacting CNC finishing.

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Medical Technology