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Porsche Technology- and Developmentpartner. 
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Extremely lightweight and stable composite structures were adopted early in the motorsports industry. Connova has been creating outstanding aerodynamic and structural parts for Formula 1 teams since the early 90’s – predominantly with carbon, aramid, and glass fibers. We also have a strong competency in composites applications for high-end sports cars, as well as other racing series, for instance tuned and experimental cars.

Excellence in Automotive and Racing Sports

Development, Serial Structural Parts, High Temperature and Aerodynamic Parts
Since our founding years, motorsports and the F1 industry have been an integral part of Connova. Our technical specialist can therefore rely on the support of their broad expertise. As carbon fiber has gained wider acceptance as a replacement material in the last few years, we have worked hand in hand with leading automotive manufacturers on development projects. Every year, Connova invests in more efficient production equipment and processes, continuing to stay on top of the newest automation technology.


Spyder 918 Heat Shields
Co-development of high temperature heat shields for the new Spyder 918. Manufacture of test parts, prototypes, tooling, and serial production. Consistent and efficient serial production of 20,000 parts (approximately 100 parts per day) with press and autoclave manufacturing processes. Fully automated robotic CNC finishing, supported 24/7.  Postprocessed to create a thermal shielding layer. More Infos

Formula 1

Aerodynamic Structures
Connova is a long-time partner of Formula 1. Reliable and exact manufacture of various assembly ready parts. Thanks to our high level of vertical integration, Connova can achieve short lead times in this demanding market segment. Reliable processes enable frequent and time sensitive revisions. Quick turnaround and flexibility.

Performance Tuning

Custom Single Parts
Connova’s small, experienced team of specialists can create lightweight or aerodynamic tuning for sports cars (one example is a complete carbon fiber modification for a Porsche Turbo 997). Molds, parts, and paint can be manufactured to the customer’s exact specifications.

Student Racer ETH Zürich

Technology Transfer, Sponsoring
For years, Connova has supported the successful “Formula Student” team from the Akademischen Motorsportsverein Zürich (AMZ).  Connova’s goal is to assist them in their yearly electric racecar program by identifying and communicating the newest composites technologies and the technique required to implement them safely.

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