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Composites are becoming the material of choice in many different industries, such as design, luxury goods, watches, jewelry, architecture, and many more. Due to the high degree of design freedom, different material choices, and the stylish woven pattern, new and modern design concepts can be safely created. Our references are as diverse as the applications. In this section you can find examples of our projects outside the traditional industries.

Excellence in Design

Luxury watches, glasses, furniture, and architectural solutions
Successfully implemented, these new ways in composites concepts showcase our years of experience and distinguished material and process expertise.


Carbon watch “Ingenieur”
Development, advisement, and creation of the world’s first fully carbon fiber watch for the company IWC Schaffhausen. Tremendous emphasis on precision, reproducibility, and optical quality. Provision of spare parts.

Kreo by Konstantin Grcic

Carbon Long Chair
High requirements for surface quality and stylish form for an array of designer furniture. Limited availability. Specially coated to emphasize the woven carbon structure.


Designer object for the pet industry
Highly complex freeform surfaces made using a wet lamination process. Extreme requirements for optical quality (fiber orientation and high gloss coating) and a perfect finish. More Infos:

Aerospace + Aviation

Industry + Automation


Medical Technology