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Advantages of Composites

Composites have excellent characteristics - CONNOVA puts them at your advantage


  • High, directional strength (anisotropy) makes structures and properties possible that cannot be achieved with conventional materials.


  • With fiber composites, rigidity can be calculated and modified with the utmost precision from elastic to maximum rigidity.


  • Fiber-reinforced plastics are much lighter than metals yet can still achieve their rigidity.

Resistance to fatigue:

  • Fiber composites fatigue slowly and increase the life of highly stressed components.


  • Fiber composites damp vibrations ten times more effectively than metals.

Thermal Expansion:

  • Fiber composites expand must less than metals. Controlled expansions up to the zero expansion allow high-precision uses in optical measurement - for machine components or space industry applications.

Chemical Resistance:

  • Extremely high resistance to corrosion gives a long service life in even the most aggressive environments. Ideal for industry applications.

X-ray Transparency:

  • The excellent X-ray transparency (permeability to rays) allows precise analyses and ease of use in the medical field. Moreover, glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) is not conductive, so it is ideal for MRI.


  • Composites and their surfaces are very stylish: they look good and offer varied design options, including new designs.

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Medical Technology