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Meets the highest demands on production and processes

Certified compliance with customer specifications

Short response and production times

Documentation to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements


Porsche Technology- and Developmentpartner. 
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CONNOVA has many years of experience and deep process knowledge in the production of high-performance composites. Our superbly trained experts select the efficient manufacturing method for your product.

We meet your specific needs. Thanks to modern infrastructure and well thought-out production workflows, CONNOVA can implement even technically highly complex composite components cost-effectively.

CONNOVA has the latest infrastructure and production plant:

  • separate working areas for every production stage and controlled clean rooms
  • computer-controlled autoclaves and annealing furnaces
  • monitored and calibrated refrigerating units
  • CNC cutter with digitizing board- Heating and cooling presses
  • measuring systems to record and document properties

We handle a wide variety of materials:

  • carbon (CFK)
  • glass fiber (GRP) and ceramic fibers
  • aramide fibers: Kevlar and Twaron (AFK)
  • polyethylene fibers (Dyneema)
  • basalt fibers
  • boron fibers
  • polyester fibers (Vectran)
  • duroplastic (epoxy, vinylester, phenolic resin)
  • thermoplastic matrix systems (PEEK, PP)
  • natural fibers

Aerospace + Aviation

Industry + Automation


Medical Technology