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RTM carbon composites


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Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)

For geometrically complex components

The RTM process facilitates a high degree of reproducibility and short cycle times. It is ideal for geometrically complex components with good polydimensional surface quality and for large batch sizes.


Strengths of the RTM process:

  • precise definition of fiber deposit
  • high fiber content
  • high surface quality
  • polydimensional shaping, precise geometry
  • high temperature resistance
  • short cycle times

With the RTM process, the dry reinforcing material is laid into the mold. Once the mold has been closed, the matrix (resin, hardener) is injected or absorbed (impregnation). For complicated components it is sensible to use pre-molded reinforcement materials (preforms). Mats, wickerwork and woven fabrics that have been bonded thermoplastically and pre-molded with heat are primarily used. The mold hardens in just 15-90 minutes, depending on the material and product. The component is then removed from the mold and processed further.

CONNOVA has the right expertise and resources for the RTM process:

  • high-quality molds that are resistant to temperature and pressure
  • mold supports, press or locking system
  • clean and controlled laminating rooms to prevent external contamination
  • precise mixing and dosing system
  • pre-form stations

The RTM process is used

  • in aviation: coupling lever, rudder, lining parts
  • in car building: tailgates, spoilers, trim covers
  • in mechanical engineering: robot arms, fast-moving machine parts, fittings
  • in medical engineering: prosthetics (walking aids outside the body)
  • for sports equipment: bicycles, paddles.

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Medical Technology