Serial production

Series production: from detail to efficiency

When we talk about series production at CONNOVA, we mean combining the highest quality standards with maximum production efficiency. By constantly fine-tuning the small details, our industrialization experts work to constantly optimize processes and increase efficiency in recurring production processes according to established lean principles, while at the same time reducing the error rate or, ideally, eliminating errors altogether.

Particularly in the aerospace industry – but also in all other industries in which CONNOVA is active – the highest value is placed on reliable and consistent quality. Punctual delivery on the agreed date is a prerequisite for our customers anyway. Nevertheless, we have to reliably meet the high demands on documentation and traceability of processes and materials. A solid configuration and change management – always knowing which serial number of a product is to be built according to which documentation and how it was actually built – round off CONNOVA’s capabilities as a series producer. After all, it is not for nothing that we have earned the reputation of being a reliable supplier and partner to our customers, helping them to maintain or even expand their respective market positions.

Series production for your segment

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