Exclusive Download: Overview CNC machine park of Connova AG

Discover the detailed overview of our CNC machine park, including:

  • Machine types: From EDEL Cyport to Mikron UCP 800 Duro.
  • Machining fields: Learn more about our 3-axis and 5-axis machining fields and their capacities.
  • Table Loads: Ranging from 1 ton to 3.2 tons.
  • Coolant options: From blast air to IKZ.
  • Measurement Systems & Accuracies: See how accurate our machines are.
  • Automation & Materials: Which machines are best for which materials? Discover our recommendations.

Download technical details of the machine park

Download free of charge our PDF on the subject of technical details of the machine park.


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Understanding and implementing needs

As a full-service composites provider, we offer comprehensive services: Consulting, product development, design calculation as well as product optimization.

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Production of fiber composite components

Thanks to our many years of know-how in the production of high-performance composites, our experts use the most efficient manufacturing technology for your product, with the highest quality and delivery reliability.

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Precision for perfect end products

CONNOVA offers a wide range of CNC services for model and mold making as well as for the finishing of composites with 100% precision guarantee.

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From production to completion

CONNOVA offers you the full spectrum of post-processing – as a production step of prefabricated composite parts or as a supplementary service for your production.

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Connova – Strengthening Excellence in Space with Showcase at Commercial Space Days 2023
Connova is a local partner and exhibitor for the upcoming Commercial Space Days 2023 (CSD2023).
Connova – Supporting Solar Technology as Proud Sponsor of aCentauri Solar Racing
Connova, a leading innovator in high-tech light-weight composite engineering, has been commended as the proud sponsor of aCentauri Solar Racing’s debut solar vehicle.
Connova AG is proud to partner with Dufour Aerospace for revolutionary Aero2 Composite Airframe Project
Connova AG is excited to confirm its selection as the main supplier for Dufour Aerospace’s Aero2 composite airframe.
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