Mechanical Processing of Composites

Fibre-reinforced components are not easy to handle.

Fibre-reinforced components cannot be compared with metallic components when it comes to mechanical processing. A completely different material structure and behaviour requires completely different parameters and cutting tools. With 30 years of experience in the processing of fibre-reinforced components, CONNOVA offers perfect cut edges, precise bore holes and cut-outs as well as smooth surfaces without fibre tears.

There are many very experienced CNC milling service providers on the market. And many have tried their hand at composites and found that applying their milling expertise to composite parts is not that easy. Carbon-fibre reinforced components in particular pose a particular challenge. The high level of wear on the cutting tools, the aggressive carbon dust, and the high stiffness of the components to be milled have provided surprising results. The specialists from CONNOVA know all the challenges inside out and know from many years of experience how to achieve outstanding milling results with CFRP components.

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