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vakuum infusion carbon composites


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Vacuum Infusion Process

For large components with excellent material properties

Vacuum infusion is ideal for single parts with large dimensions and for small batch sizes. The process facilitates high quality and perfect single-sided surfaces.

Strengths of the infusion process:

  • cost-effective for large components
  • requires little systems engineering
  • high fiber content
  • high surface quality

In the infusion process, the dry reinforcing material is laid in into a form which is coated with mold release agents. The entire construction is then evacuated under a film and sealed, and the matrix is absorbed (impregnation) Hardening takes a few hours at room temperature. To increase the temperature-resistance of the components, they are post-cured in a furnace after removal from the mold.

CONNOVA has the right expertise and resources for the vacuum infusion process:

  • infusion equipment
  • vacuum-sealed molds
  • clean and controlled laminating rooms to prevent external contamination.

The infusion process is used:

  • in boat building: hulls, superstructures
  • in vehicle construction: panels, driver's cabs
  • in mechanical engineering: covers, claddings, mold-making
  • in power engineering: blades for wind turbines

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