CFK Spalttöpfe

CFRP partition shells

No loss by eddy current flow by using CFRP

Using high-strength partition shells made of carbon-reinforced plastics instead of metal, the loss of efficiency in high-speed rotating machinery with a magnetic coupling is minimized or even prevented.
The efficiency rate of pumps or engines can be increased by up to 25% compared to a traditional partition shell. As a further advantage a heating of the flow media is avoided as the power transmission takes place without any friction.

Further advantages:

  • High media resistance
  • High damage tolerance
  • High burst pressure up to >100 bar
  • High strength and stiffness

Our experience:

  • Specialist for composite manufacturing for more than 20 years
  • Design, testing, prototypes, and serial production out of one hand
  • Ideally equipped for small and large series
  • Specific consulting for different flow media and environmental conditions
  • Proven quality and stable and repeatable processes
  • Innovative solutions for partition shell applications

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