Leistung optimieren

Increase of machine power

Innovative composite concepts are key to success

Classical design principles for machines are based on proven concepts and metallic materials such as aluminium or steel. Relevant improvements can hardly be achieved. Often engineers try to improve their machines on sub-system or sub-components level by use of CFRP, only. However, this approach proves not always to be successful.

New ways with innovative and integrative composite concepts from the very beginning are often the key to success as only such solutions increase the added value of the machine on the long run. CONNOVA has already realized numerous projects in the high-precision or high-speed machine industry and could prove a potential efficiency increase by 30% or more. In many cases, a significant weight reduction of the accelerated masses of some key components leads to the expected break-through.

The higher specific stiffness of these key components made of composites, the significantly improved heat stability, the improved resilience, the lower eigen frequency and the higher vibration damping are further key factors to improve the overall precision and efficiency over lifetime. And, not seldom, the overall complexity of the system is reduced, which leads to further reduction of the total cost: lower energy consumption, less maintenance, and a significantly reduced risk of a machine fall-out.

For a successful realization of such a composite innovation project an evaluation of the overall system is mandatory. Our engineers stand ready to support your project managers or other stakeholders by evaluating your project and elaborating chances as well as risks of using composites.

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