light-weight body panels for LOXO

Connova delivers glass-fibre reinforced light-weight body panels to LOXO

Connova has manufactured and supplied the body panels made of composite materials for the first prototype vehicle – the LOXO Alpha. One of the main goals in the development of the vehicle is a low structural mass to maximize the payload – the number of goods and groceries to be delivered per one single tour. Another example of how lightweight design enables sustainability: fewer tours, less energy consumption.

At the launch event on 6 Dec.2022 in the beautiful Kursaal in Bern, in the Capital City of Switzerland, the LOXO Alpha was presented to the public and the assembled press in an impressive ceremony. Among the guests were partner companies, investors and important suppliers. Connova AG was also represented to celebrate this important day together with the founders. 

About LOXO: it is the first word in last-mile delivery. Dispatch online-purchased merchandise to customers efficiently and reliably – with no CO2 emissions. The LOXO autonomous vehicle will be crisscrossing Swiss roads with many packages soon. Learn more at Home – LOXO

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