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CFK Containment shell/ separating can

No loss due to undesired currents given the use of CFRP.

Through the use of containment shells (separating cans) separation shells made of CFRP fiber composite materials, the loss due to currents in a magnetic coupling can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

This significant improvement to conventional containment shells, increases the efficiency of a pump or a drive by up to 25%. In addition, the usual heating of the pumped medium is avoided given the loss-free power transmission.

Advantages of CFRP containment shells:

  • Up to 25% less energy consumption
  • No loss and heating of the medium
    given undesired currents
  • High resistance to media/solvents
  • High damage tolerance
  • Burst pressures of up to> 100 bar

The CFRP fiber material is characterized by enormous strength and stiffness.

CONNOVA has the necessary know-how and experience:

  • Manufacturing technology with over 20 years long-term experience
  • Design, testing, prototyping and serial production from one source
  • Ideally equipped for small and large series
  • Advice on specific fluids and operating conditions
  • Hedged Quality and Processes

We offer in addition to professional consulting advice and many years of experience in the design and serial production, innovative solutions for your containment shell applications










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