Connova – Strengthening Excellence in Space with Showcase at Commercial Space Days 2023

LUZERN, Switzerland – Showcasing its long heritage in space structures, Connova, a well-known name in advanced aerospace composite solutions, is excited to declare its role as a local partner and exhibitor for the forthcoming Commercial Space Days 2023 (CSD2023). This highly esteemed event, scheduled on September 11-12 at Luzern’s iconic KKL Congress Center, stands as a major hub for developments in (New)Space in Switzerland and in Europe.

Initiated by the reputable Swiss Aerospace Cluster, in synergy with the University of St. Gallen and an array of esteemed space institutions, the Commercial Space Days seeks to craft an arena where the crescendo of leading space enterprises meets the acumen of academic luminaries from disciplines spanning economics, innovation stewardship, and enterprise science. As reflections on the past decade’s space revolutions become conversations about tomorrow’s trajectories, CSD2023 emerges as the compass pointing to the future horizons of space commercialism.

With a roster boasting over 40 orators representing a consortium of 250-plus organizations, the congress assures a mosaic of insights. The limelight will be shared by luminaries such as NASA’s Chief Economist Alexander MacDonald, ESA’s Commercialization Vanguard Luca Del Monte, and the academic sentinel from Harvard Business School, Professor of Space Economics Matthew Weinzierl.

Connova’s partnership with CSD2023 highlights its dedication to aerospace innovation and its contribution to the continuous conquer of space. Attendees can visit Connova’s exhibition booth to learn more about their advancements.

Connova – Strengthening Excellence in Space with Showcase at Commercial Space Days 2023
Connova is a local partner and exhibitor for the upcoming Commercial Space Days 2023 (CSD2023).
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